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Product Overview

everRun Overview

In today’s competitive climate, organizations must operate and deliver top-notch services 24/7/365, externally and internally. If your service goes down in manufacturing, your lines cannot function and productivity and revenue take a hit; in building security and automation environments, the premises and individuals that need to be protected are at risk from internal and external threats; in healthcare and public safety, lives are at risk. And there are other considerations driving the need for continuously available applications, including the constant struggle organizations face to comply with regulations, mitigate disaster and plan for business continuity. All these factors contribute to an increasing demand for reliable, continuous availability of your most critical applications, with no tolerance for intermittent service disruptions and associated lost revenue.

Different solutions provide different levels of availability:
• Backups and restores: Basic backup, data-replication, and failover solutions and procedures are in place to recover services in the event of a failure or disaster. These solutions do not prevent downtime but focus on recoverability which translates into 99% to 99.9% availability.
• High availability: Typically implemented through clustering, these solution applications are accessible a very high percentage of the time. Users perceive little or no perceived interruption if there is a failure and high availability translates into 99.95% to 99.99% availability.
• Continuous availability: Even if there were to be a failure, application operations are not interrupted. Downtime is eliminated and data is not lost in the event of a failure or localized disaster. These solutions focus on preventing downtime which translates into 99.999% availability.



  • Proactive risk avoidance with constant replication to prevent downtime

  • Protection against localized power failures, building-wide problems or physical machines failures

  • Satisfied business requirements and optimized resource utilization

  • Continuous application availability without configuration complexity

  • Low TCO through industry-standard infrastructure and flexible storage options

  • Downtime eliminated with the added benefit of virtualization

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