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Product Overview

Tổng quát về phần mềm OPC Router

The OPC Router is the central communication platform for your industry projects. It is based on standard interfaces for automated data exchange across all levels. OPC is an important communication protocol for Industry 4.0. As OPC client software, the OPC router directly supports the construction of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 communication.



  • Data Connectivity & Interface

The OPC Router enables you to optimise and digitalise your production processes. Data is automatically exchanged by integrating systems such as OPC UA, SAP, SQL, MQTT, REST, SOAP, Excel, labellers and so on. The acquisition of process data gives you a continuous overview of your production.

Graphic configuration, exemplary monitoring and extreme reliability mean that the OPC router paves the way for your Industry 4.0 projects.

  • The latest middleware with standard interfaces for data exchange
  • Various connection types using powerful plugins
  • Visualisation of all data transfers
  • Gateways individually licensable (plug-ins):
    • OPC-DA, OPC-UA
    • Database Server (SQL)
    • SAP® Systems
    • Web Services
    • REST and MQTT
    • Label Printers (Pago, Zebra, Videojet, etc.)
    • Barcode Readers
    • RFID-AutoID Readers
    • E-Mail Server
    • Telegram Messaging Bots
    • Euromap 63 / 77
    • MS Excel
  • Single Database plug-ins
    • SQL Server
    • Oracle
    • ODBC
    • OLE DB
    • MySQL
    • MS Access
    • SQLite
    • Codebase / Foxpro
  • SAP HANA plug-in
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