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Product Overview

RedundancyMaster Overview

RedundancyMaster has the ability to configure multiple OPC servers into redundant pairs, thus increasing the OPC data’s availability and reliability.
RedundancyMaster can be seamlessly integrated into any existing OPC application without loss of data or changes to the client. Its ability to be “dropped” into an existing application without client application reconfiguration is an important design and development feature. The redundant servers are mapped transparently and will appear as a single OPC server connection to the OPC client.



• Resides on an OPC client machine. It facilitates connections to the network’s primary and secondary OPC servers by hooking into the OPC calls made between the client and the server.
• Drops the primary server and promotes the secondary server when the communications link fails with the primary server (or a user-specified condition is met).
• Supports Email Notification, Object and Link Monitoring, and Diagnostics Logging.
• Supports Cold, Warm, and Hot Connection Modes.
• Supports a Query Server Status Interval and a Query Server Status Timeout Setting.
• Supports redundant media with virtual machines.
• Does not require changes to be made to the OPC client or server applications.
• Eliminates the Single Point of Failure.
• Can quickly and easily create a redundant OPC system without degradation in performance.
• Can alias the Program ID (ProgID) of the OPC server for situations requiring multiple redundant OPC server pairs that utilize the same server vendor.

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