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Product Overview

Kepware Data Logger

DataLogger is an advanced plug-in that extends the capabilities of the KEPServerEX connectivity platform. It logs industrial data—gathered by KEPServerEX—to Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)-compliant databases, such as SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft (MS) Access, and Oracle. Logging industrial data enables users to perform auditing and compliance checks, historical comparisons, trend analysis, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) analysis, and more.
DataLogger supports adding data items through an easy-to-use tag browsing interface and CSV file import. DataLogger can log a small set of data to a single table or high volumes of data to multiple databases—at speeds ranging from milliseconds to hours. In addition, DataLogger’s store and forward capabilities bridge network and database outages or delays—ensuring the reliability of critical data.



    • Logs data to ODBC-compliant databases, such as SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft (MS) Access, and Oracle

    • Tag browsing and CSV import features enable quick configuration of logged data items

    • Store and forward capabilities prevent data loss during database outages or delays

    • Flexible data logging through user-definable triggering conditions that log on static interval, on any server item data change, and on a single monitored item’s value change

    • Supports _System Tags that enable optional Runtime control from OPC client applications

    • Tag mapping and table management tools enable flexible logging formats and easy integration with existing tables and databases

    • Easily scaled through its support of multiple concurrent logging processes

    • Leverages KEPServerEX data from industrial sensors and machines, including PLCs, RTUs, PACs, DAQs, controllers, and more

    • Fast, user-friendly installation and configuration; if a database source is defined before DataLogger is launched, users can have an active logging configuration in fewer than ten steps

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